Landing Page Conversion Rates by Industry in 2022

Curious about landing page conversion rates in your industry? We've got you covered with our data-backed deep dive

Wondering what the conversion rate should be on your landing page?

Landing pages are like the virtual shopfronts of the digital era.

They are where potential customers get their first taste of what your business is all about.

And as the saying goes, first impressions matter.

But how do you know if your landing page is making the right impression?

The answer lies in understanding conversion rates.

In this post we'll cover what conversion rates are, how to calculate your conversion rate, average conversion rates per industry.

We'll also cover any frequently asked questions you may have when it comes to conversion rates on landing pages.

Let's dive in!

What is a conversion rate?

Conversion rates

Simply put, the conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your landing page who take a desired action.

This could be signing up for a newsletter, downloading an eBook, or making a purchase.

How do I calculate my conversion rate?

Conversion Rate = (Number of Conversions / Total Visitors) x 100%

For example, if you have 100 visits to your landing page, and 6 people buy your product, you have a 6% conversion rate.

What is a good conversion rate?

Conversion rates

While many marketers dream of having a sky-high conversion rate, it's essential to be realistic and industry-aware.

Different industries have varying benchmarks for what constitutes a "good" conversion rate.

So if you're in real estate, a good conversion rate would be 3%. If you're in the media and entertainment industry a good conversion rate would be 7%.

It really depends on what industry you are in and what you are selling on your landing page.

If you're converting at 5% in any industry, you're doing pretty good!

Median landing page conversion rates by industry in 2022:

Conversion rates

Below is a list of median landing page conversion rates by industry provided by Unbounce in who analysed over 44 thousand landing pages and over 33 million conversions.

Here we're using median and not average because median is more realistic indicator of the majority.

There can be some real outliers that can skew the numbers when it comes to high and low conversion rates!

Catering & Restaurants: 9.8%

Media & Entertainment: 7.9%

Finance & Insurance: 6.2%

Education: 5.8%

Fitness & Nutrition: 5.6%

Legal: 5.4%

eCommerce: 5.2%

Events & Leisure: 5.2%

Travel: 4.8%

Home Improvement: 3.8%

Medical Services: 3.6%

Business Services: 3.5%

Family Support: 3.4%

SaaS (Software as a Service): 3.0%

Real Estate: 2.6%

Agencies: 2.4%

Frequently Asked Questions about conversion rates on landing pages:

Conversion rates

Why is my landing page's conversion rate so low?

There could be several reasons: poor website design, confusing copy, slow page load times, or not meeting visitor expectations. It's essential to test and analyze different elements to understand what's holding you back.

How can I improve my conversion rate?

Start with A/B testing. Change one element of your landing page (like the headline or CTA button) and compare performance with the original. This way, you can pinpoint what works best. Also, ensure that your landing page is mobile-optimized and loads quickly.

Does website traffic quality affect conversion rates?

Absolutely! If your website attracts visitors who aren't interested in your offerings, your conversion rate will inevitably be low. Ensure your marketing strategies target the right audience.

How often should I check my conversion rate?

It's a good idea to keep an eye on it monthly. However, if you're making significant changes or running marketing campaigns, you might want to check it more frequently.

Can I benchmark against competitors?

While it's helpful to know industry averages, it's equally crucial to focus on improving your own numbers. What works for one business might not work for another.


In conclusion, while landing page conversion rates offer vital insights into the effectiveness of your online presence, it's crucial not to become overly fixated on chasing a "perfect" number.

Instead, focus on continuous improvement, understanding your audience, and refining your landing page to meet their needs.

With patience and persistence, you'll see those numbers climb!

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