10 Game-Changing Figma Plugins to 10x Your Product Design

Unlock the full potential of Figma with these powerful plugins used by over 3,000,000 digital product designers!

Did someone say amazing, free Figma plugins?

As a product designer, you know the importance of efficiency and creativity in your workflow.

Enter Figma, the powerful cloud-based design tool that has taken the design community by storm.

But did you know that Figma's functionality can be supercharged even further with the help of plugins?

These plugins are like little assistants that can streamline your process, automate tasks, and unlock new possibilities.

In this post, we'll explore the very best Figma plugins that every digital product designer should have in their arsenal.

Get ready to be amazed with these super handy, tried and tested Figma plugins you will love!

Wireframe ( Wireframes & user flows )

Free Figma Plugins

Did some say super fast user flows and wire-framing? Wireframes is a free, super popular user flow and wireframe creation plugin for Figma. Just fire up the plugin, find your user flow or wireframe element and drag and drop it in Figma! Hey presto! Instant user flows and wireframes! All elements can be used freely under creative commons license. All files are SVG and editable. This one is a huge time saver.

Brand Color ( Colour palettes )

Free Figma Plugins

Struggling to find the right colour palette for your website or app design? With the Brands Colors plugin for Figma, you can search for your favourite brand's colours and apply it to your Figma designs! No more wondering what colours to use. Use the best brands in the world as your colour guide.

Photos ( Free stock images )

Free Figma Plugins

Photos is an amazing free stock photography plugin for Figma. Search and insert photos into your Figma files! Insert free stock photos (including gifs) from Unsplash, Google, Flickr, Pixabay, Pexels, Shutterstock, Lexica, Giphy, Tenor and Gfycat. Select and insert multiple photos at once. Quickly insert a random set of photos. See which photos you have inserted and find back the original files.

Illustrations ( Free illustrations )

Free Figma Plugins

Illustrations is a free, super popular illustration library Figma plugin for everyone. The plugin allows you to insert high quality free illustrations right into Figma. Just drag and drop to add it on Figma. All the illustrations can be used freely under creative commons license. This is one of my favourite Figma plugins.

Iconify ( Free icons )

Free Figma Plugins

Icons are the language of user interfaces, and the Iconify plugin makes it a breeze to access a vast collection of icons. With support for multiple icon libraries like FontAwesome, Material Design Icons, and more, you can search, customize, and insert icons directly into your designs without ever leaving Figma. It's a must-have for any designer looking to enhance their iconography game.

LORE (Lorem Ipsum text )

Free Figma Plugins

We all need some dummy text for our layouts whilst waiting on the copywriter right!? Save time adding Lorem Ipsum to text blocks in Figma. Add words, sentences or paragraphs. You can also randomise the first letter.

Font Scale ( Type sizing )

Free Figma Plugins

Setting up type sizes quickly can be a bit of a pain. Enter Font Scale! Font Scale is a free Figma plugin used to generate a harmonious and consistent typography hierarchy. This is especially useful when you want to keep the proportions between your body text and headings the same, whether it's on screen or paper.

Avatars ( Free user profile photos )

Free Figma Plugins

Need some people profile photos for your UI designs? This free Figma plugin will add random user avatars to your Figma designs with one click! Select any type of element and run the plugin. It will fetch an avatar image and add it as a fill on your selected element. Images are aggregated by UIfaces.co from various sources including randomuser.me, tinyfac.es, imdb.com, donated images, and other sources.

Mockup ( Free mockups generator )

Free Figma Plugins

Need to showcase your app or website designs in realistic mockups? This free Figma plugin has you covered! Just select a device, choose a frame, and your design appear on the screen. This is without a doubt the fastest way to use a mockup for your project! Mockups are free for your personal and commercial projects.

Stark ( Accessability checker )

Free Figma Plugins

Accessibility is a crucial aspect of modern design, and the Stark plugin aims to make it easier than ever. This powerful tool allows you to check the color contrast ratio of your designs, ensuring they meet accessibility standards. It also provides simulations for various types of color blindness, helping you create inclusive designs that can be enjoyed by all users.

Time to supercharge Figma!

Figma plugins have revolutionised the design workflow, allowing digital product designers like us to work faster, smarter, and with greater precision.

The plugins mentioned in this post are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities that Figma offers.

There are more amazing, free Figma plugins being released all the time.

Embrace the power of Figma plugins and take your digital product designs to new heights!

Want some amazing free Figma downloads? Check out list of 20 amazing, free Figma downloads here.

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Crazy Conversions landing page playbook

Showcase your work with a stunning portfolio template

Looking to update your design portfolio? Check out the amazing portfolio templates for Framer at FolioPharmacy.

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