The Best Free Figma Tutorial for Beginners

Craig Barber
September 13, 2023
mins read

Designing beautiful digital products such as websites and apps doesn't have to be intimidating, especially with the right tool by your side.

That's where Figma comes in! Whether you're a newbie digital product designer or a seasoned pro, Figma is here to make your UX and UI design journey a breeze.

In this post, we'll introduce you to Figma, show you its incredible features, and get you started with an amazing Figma tutorial made just for beginners!

Let's crack on!

First up, what is Figma?

Figma is a cloud-based design and prototyping tool that will make your design dreams come true.

No more complicated installations or file management headaches – Figma lives in the cloud, accessible wherever you are. It's like having your design studio in your pocket!

Key Features of Figma:

Easy Peasy Designing

With Figma's intuitive interface, creating stunning designs becomes a piece of cake. You'll have access to powerful tools that let you shape your ideas into reality.

Collaborate Like a Pro

Say goodbye to the days of endless email threads and confusing design feedback. Figma's real-time collaboration features allow you to work with others seamlessly, making design reviews a breeze.

Magic Components

Want to save time and maintain design consistency? Figma's got your back! Its component-based design approach lets you create reusable elements that update across your designs automatically.

Prototyping Power

Turn your static designs into interactive prototypes with Figma's prototyping capabilities. Link screens, define interactions, and bring your designs to life without breaking a sweat.

The Best Free Figma Tutorials for Beginners:

To help you kickstart your Figma design journey, I've searched the internet far and for and wide to find you the very the best, free Figma tutorials for beginners the internet has to offer!

These 4, easy-to-follow Figma tutorials will take you from Figma novice to design enthusiast in no time.

The best thing is these are the official tutorials from Figma themselves!

Be sure to go through them in order, starting with the first Figma tutorial below:

Tutorial 1: Figma For Beginners: Explore ideas

Tutorial 2: Figma For Beginners: Create designs

Tutorial 3: Figma For Beginners: Build prototypes

Tutorial 4: Figma For Beginners: Prepare for Handoff

Time to fire up Figma!

After watching these awesome, free Figma tutorials for beginners I think you'll agree, Figma is the friendly UX and UI design companion you've been waiting for.

With its easy-to-use interface, collaboration superpowers, and time-saving features, Figma will make you fall in love with website and app design all over again!

So, dive in and unleash your creativity with Figma – the design tool that's here to make things more fun when it comes to digital product design.

Lastly, be sure to check out our list of free Figma plugins here and also don't forget about our big list of free Figma downloads here.

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