Wondering What is a Landing Page? Here's Your Ultimate Guide

Unlock the secrets of high-converting landing pages! Learn what a landing page is and create compelling pages that drive results.

Welcome to the exciting world of online marketing where your business goals take flight.

If you've just dipped your toes into this space, you've likely heard the term "landing page" thrown around.

In this post I cover what a landing page is, what's the difference between a landing page and a home page, what you should have on your landing page, high converting examples and more!

Let's get started!

What is a Landing Page?

What is a landing page

Think of a landing page as a digital welcome mat.

It's a specially crafted web page designed to catch the attention of your audience and lead them toward a specific action.

Whether you want them to sign up for your newsletter, download an eBook, or snag a limited-time offer, a well-designed landing page is the secret sauce to make it happen.

Ingredients of a High-Converting Landing Page

High converting landing pages
  1. A Clear and Compelling Headline: Grab your visitor's attention with a concise headline that tells them exactly what they can gain from your page.

  2. Captivating Visuals: A picture is worth a thousand words, and it's true for landing pages too. Use relevant images or videos that resonate with your message.

  3. Irresistible Copy: Your words matter! Craft persuasive copy that communicates the benefits of your offer, addresses pain points, and guides visitors toward your desired action.

  4. Call to Action (CTA): This is the cherry on top. Your CTA should be crystal clear and strategically placed to encourage your visitors to take the desired action. Make it stand out with contrasting colors and compelling text.

  5. Trust Signals: Build credibility with social proof, testimonials, ratings, and any other endorsements that showcase your product or service's value.

  6. Simple Forms: If you're collecting information, keep your forms short and sweet. Don't scare off potential leads with an interrogation.

Landing Page vs. Home Page: Decoding the Difference

What is a landing page

Imagine you're hosting a party.

Your home page is the front door, welcoming everyone in.

It offers a glimpse into your entire home, with various rooms and activities.

On the other hand, a landing page is like an exclusive VIP room within that house.

It's focused, designed for a specific purpose (like introducing a new product), and guides your guests (readers) toward that purpose with a clear path.

Video explainer on the differences:

What is a landing page

This is magic how Debt.com gets straight into action here!

Really lovely way to start the engagement with the user by asking how much debt they have.

AirBnB host landing page

What is a landing page

A very focused page from AirBnB to get new hosts to sign up.

No navigation! Very minimal and super focused on getting hosts to sign up.

Great work.


What is a landing page

Doordash are not messing about here on their landing page! ( which is also their homepage which is super bold )

It's hyper focused about get people to do one thing, which is enter their address. Really lovely stuff.

FAQs About Landing Pages

What is a landing page

Can I use my home page as a landing page?

While possible, it's not recommended. Home pages have multiple distractions, making it harder to lead visitors to take a specific action. A dedicated landing page minimizes these distractions and maximizes conversions.

How do I drive traffic to my landing page?

Utilize various channels such as social media, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and search engine optimization to direct targeted traffic to your landing page.

Are mobile-friendly landing pages necessary?

Absolutely! With a significant portion of users browsing on mobile devices, having a mobile-responsive landing page is crucial for a seamless user experience.

How do I know if my landing page is effective?

Track key metrics like conversion rate, bounce rate, and time spent on page. Tools like Google Analytics and A/B testing platforms can help you measure and improve your landing page's performance.

In summary

Armed with the basics of landing pages, you're well on your way to mastering this art.

Remember, every landing page is a chance to connect, engage, and convert visitors into loyal customers.

So go ahead, design your page with purpose, charm, and crush your conversion rates.

Want to learn how to put together the perfect landing page? Checkout my new book Crazy Conversions.

Crazy Conversions landing page playbook

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Crazy Conversions landing page playbook

Are you in design portfolio pain?

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