14 Incredible A/B Testing Case Studies To Inspire You

Dive into some amazing, real world examples of big brands using A/B testing to increase conversions rates on their websites

After some AB testing case studies? You've come to the right place.

In this blog post we're diving into a whole bunch of amazing AB testing case studies that have achieved incredible results, lifting conversion rates through the roof in some examples!

Let's dive in and learn how other brands have been increasing their sales online!

Beckett Simonon increased sales 5% with storytelling:

AB testing case studies

Beckett Simonon is an online company selling handcrafted leather shoes, committed to ethical business standards and sustainability.

The company was looking to increase its paid acquisition effectiveness and conversion rates.

They discovered that by adding a 'story telling' panel to their online shoe store that highlighted messages of sustainability and product craftmanship increased sales of their shoes by a massive 5%!

Plus an annualized return on investment of a whopping 237%.

This demonstrates the power of storytelling in sales!

Case study via Marquiz

L’Axelle boosts conversions 93% using action words in their headline:

AB testing case studies

L’Axelle maker of a sweat reduction product increased conversions by an insane 93% by using action copy on their landing page!

Original headline:

'Feel fresh without sweat marks'

Action headline:

'Put an end to sweat marks!'

The stronger headline is way more punchy and you can see why it had such a huge impact on conversion rates.

One of the many great AB testing case studies of all time!

Obvi increased conversions by 7.97% using a countdown timer:

AB testing case studies

Obvi ran a split test on two different variants of a discount popup: one with a countdown timer and one without.

They wanted to see whether using a countdown timer would boost conversions by increasing the sense of urgency associated with their offer, or if it would lead to customers feeling pressured and rejecting the offer.

They found that the version with the countdown timer increased conversion rates by 7.97%.

Urgency and FOMO is definitely a factor when it comes to conversion rates!

Case study via Optinmonk.

Guosto gets 20% more sales with upsells on confirmation screen:

AB testing case studies

Guosto, a food home delivery brand increased post-order sales by a whopping 20% by changing up their confirmation screen.

Instead of a 'you're all done' confirmation screen, they changed it up to a steps based screen.

The customers felt there were more steps to the buying journey, they therefore added 20% more products to their cart after they had completed their first purchase.

Highrise increases signups by 102.5% with the use of a smiling person:

Landing page case studies

This demonstrates the power of having a smiling person on your landing page!

The guys over at Signal vs Noise increased their conversions by a hopping 102.5% just by adding a picture of a smiling woman!

Great work.

Hubspot increased signups by 6.8% using limited time offer badge:

AB testing case studies

Hubspot increased conversions by 6.8% on a lead generation page by adding a 'Limited time' badge to their landing page.

This is another example of the scarcity and FOMO strategy increasing conversion rates!

Case study via Marketing Experiments.

Clarks increases conversions 2.6% by highlighting free shipping:

AB testing case studies

Clarke's shoes increased their conversion rates by 2.6% and added an additional £2.8 million in revenue by bringing more attention to their free shipping on their ecommerce site.

This demonstrates the power of FREE and also how good design and UX play into conversion rate optimisation.

Case study via Conversion.com

T.M. Lewin increase revenue 7% by addressing customer concerns:

AB testing case studies

T.M. Lewin managed to put customers minds at ease and increase revenue by a whopping 7% by assuring customers that if their items of clothing don't fit they can easily return them.

This is an example of addressing objections in the purchasing process and it works a treat.

Always address your customers concerns in the purchasing process to increase conversions!

Case study via Conversions.com.

Metals4U increased sales 34% by highlighting delivery times:

AB testing case studies

Metals4U skyrockected their conversion rates by 34% by simply highlighting their delivery details on their ecommerce site.

By highlighting delivery times, and fast delivery they influenced the buying decisions of their customers immensely.

Another example of addressing customer concerns with copy to increase conversion rates!

Great work, case study by Conversion.com.

Kaplan increased conversions 10% by simplifying their onboarding:

AB testing case studies

Kaplan reduced options on landing page greatly simplified the process of find the perfect course, the result was a staggering 10% increase in conversion rate!

This is a classic example of simplifying and focusing your landing page on one task.

Remove header and other distractions and guide your customers through the process for the win!

Case study via Conversion.com.

Hobspot increased signups by 6% with images of smiling people:

AB testing case studies

Hubspot did some A/B testing in an effort to increase signup on their academy landing page.

The did a version with happy smiling people and found that it increases conversions by a crazy 6% compared to the rather boring version.

Another example of using smiling people on your landing page and how it can really boost conversion rates!

Case study via Hubspot.

Buyagift increased conversions 9.6% with a Best Price Guarantee:

AB testing case studies

Buyagift managed to boost conversions on the product detail page a crazy 9.6% by adding a 'Best Price Guarantee' badge to the page.

This just shows that adding a guarantee and answering customers concerns can really skyrocket your conversion rates!

Case study via Conversion.com.

Shaw Academy boosted sales 14% by addressing customer concerns:

AB testing case studies

Shaw Academy massively increased the conversion rate by 14% on the sign up page by addressing customers concerns over billings and subscriptions.

This is another example of using great copy on your sign up page to address concerns your customers may have.

Case study via Conversion.com.

Unicef increased donations by 51% using a progress bar:

AB testing case studies

Unicef implemented a goal progress bar and increased donations by a staggering %51!

This is a classic case of the endowed progress effect at work.

By showing donors they are contributing towards a goal and showing the progress of that goal - it greatly increased the likelihood of engagement from the user.

Another amazing AB testing case studies from Conversion.com.

That's a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of realy life case studies of companies increasing their conversion rates, signup and revenue.

There are a number of key takeaways here:

  • Address customer objections

  • Smiling images of people sell!

  • Showing progress increases engagement

  • FOMO / or scarcity really works

  • Guarantees work

  • Using action copy is a must

Be sure to experiment yourself with these methods using some A/B testing.

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