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7 Free Downloadable Icons Sites Every UI Designer Needs Now

Enhance your UI designs with our handpicked collection of the best free icon sites

As a UI designer, finding the perfect icons to enhance your designs is essential.

Icons not only add visual appeal but also improve the user experience by conveying information quickly and intuitively.

In this blog post, we've curated a list of the very best free downloadable icon sites to help you find a treasure trove of high-quality icons.

So, let's dive in and explore these fantastic resources!

1. Flaticon

Free Downloadable Icons

Flaticon is a renowned platform offering a massive collection of free icons, available in various formats, including SVG, PNG, EPS, and PSD. With over 4 million icons to choose from, Flaticon allows you to search, customize, and download icons for your UI projects. The site also provides a helpful editor tool for customizing colors, sizes, and styles.

2. Font Awesome

Free Downloadable Icons

Font Awesome is a popular icon library widely used by designers and developers. It offers a diverse range of icons, including regular, solid, and brand icons. The library can be accessed through its CDN or downloaded for offline use. Font Awesome icons are scalable and customizable, making them perfect for any UI design project.

3. Material Design Icons

Free Downloadable Icons

Material Design Icons is a comprehensive icon library designed specifically for Google's Material Design guidelines. The collection features a wide variety of icons, from basic UI elements to specialized icons for different industries. The icons are available in vector format and can be easily customized using CSS or other design tools.

4. Icons8

Free Downloadable Icons

Icons8 provides a wide variety of icons from the most commonly used close and email icons to extraordinary Adventure Time symbols. The site provides icons in various formats, including PNG, SVG, PDF, and custom code snippets for different platforms. Icons8 also offers a handy desktop app called "Lunacy" that allows you to browse and customize icons offline.

5. Noun Project

Free Downloadable Icons

Noun Project is a community-driven platform where designers and artists contribute their icon designs. It features a vast collection of icons created by professionals worldwide, covering a wide range of categories. The site offers free downloads with proper attribution or a subscription plan for unlimited access to icons without attribution.

6. Feather Icons

Free Downloadable Icons

Feather Icons is a delightful open-source icon set that provides a lightweight and minimalistic collection of icons. Created by Cole Bemis, these icons are designed to be simple, elegant, and versatile. You can download Feather Icons in SVG format and customize them according to your project's needs.

7. Streamline Icons

Free Downloadable Icons

Streamline Icons offers a comprehensive library of icons for UI designers. It provides both free and premium icon sets, with the free version containing a generous selection of high-quality icons. The icons are available in various formats and styles, including outline, filled, and color. Streamline Icons is known for its attention to detail and consistency across its extensive icon collection.

Enjoy your free downloadable icons!

With these additional free downloadable icon sites, your UI design projects are sure to flourish.

Each platform offers its own unique selection of icons, styles, and features, allowing you to find the perfect visual elements to bring your designs to life.

Remember to review the licensing terms and give credit where necessary.

Want even more free icons? Check out our list here.

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